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Bond Adventures

Watch a bondage loving cartoon man play with sluts.
Niche: Cartoon; Signup price: $34.95

Bond Adventures
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Site quality4.0
Update frequency4.0
Site usability2.5
Content amount3.0
User rating *0.0
Overall rating3.0
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Bruce Bond is a good looking adventurer who spends his days in search of hot sluts to fuck. Heís especially keen on bondage and his experiences with submissive sluts have been catalogued at Bondage Adventures, a hand drawn porn site featuring comics that are far naughtier than you could ever do with a live actress. Thatís the fun of hand drawn porn and the folks behind this site get it. Based on the tour alone you can tell thereís some wonderfully naughty stuff going on inside the site.

There are multiple pages to the tour and each is loaded with images from the various comics inside. Youíll see hot chicks tied to tables and being penetrated by various cocks and tools of pain and pleasure. Youíll see babes sucking dick and swallowing spunk. Bruce has sex with women of all shapes and sizes, although thanks to the ladies being hand drawn theyíre pretty much all gorgeous. I like the theme and Iím looking forward to stepping inside to see what else they have.

Members Area Details

Bond Adventures begins with the latest updates. They add a new set every week and post the news at the top of the page. Below that youíll find the full list of content. There are 60 scenes currently (as of April 23, 2008) and they havenít missed an update in ages so thereís no reason to believe they will anytime in the near future. Each set has a name and itís usually self explanatory like BDSM at Airport or Beach Bondage. The preview pictures are generally pretty explicit too.

Members area of Bond Adventures #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Bond Adventures #2
members area screenshot #2

Itís interesting to see how the content has evolved over the year or so the site has been live. When it launched Bruce was something of a round man, like a chubby middle aged guy. He has since become a buff, well built man. I guess the members spoke and said they thought he would look better as a stud. Theyíve also gotten far more adventurous with their porn. Bruce engaged in light bondage in amusing scenarios at first but now almost every comic features hardcore bondage, costumes and elaborate setups. I think itís for the better and I imagine fans of this kind of action will as well.

These comics donít feature any dialogue; theyíre strictly drawings. The artists are skilled and the comics are done in the American comic style; you can see for yourself on the tour. Most of the time the girls are the ones being tied up and tortured and fucked but every so often Bruce is the subject of the bondage. In one of the first sets heís tied up by an airport security officer and she fucks his ass with a variety of toys. If you visit the forum at Bond Adventures you can submit a fantasy scenario that youíd like to see played out and theyíll draw it for you. Theyíre always requesting more so itís pretty much a guarantee youíll get to see what you want.


Bruce Bond likes the ladies and he wants you to join him as he fucks his way through dozens of hot bondage scenes. The art is skillfully drawn and it looks very good. They take requests and attempt to fulfill all fantasies, which is a great bonus. If you submit a request at the beginning of the month chances are darn good youíll see it go live by the end of the month. There are costumes, intriguing plot setups and some of the most inventive bondage Iíve ever seen. The site is a little expensive at $34.95 per month but itís probably worth it if youíre into bondage and animated porn.

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