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Famous Comics

Hand drawn celebrities fucking hard.
Niche: Famous Toons; Signup price: $34.95

Famous Comics
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Site quality4.5
Update frequency4.0
Site usability3.0
Content amount4.0
User rating *3.0
Overall rating4.0
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Celebrity porn is hugely popular. We love seeing world famous women get naked and have sex, whether itís in a movie or if they made the mistake of filming a homemade fuck video. However, there are limits to celebrity sex. Most of the time sex in Hollywood movies is highly censored and features a boob shot at best. Homemade videos are usually terrible looking and they rarely show great penetration. Given that, where are you supposed to turn for your celebrity sex fix?

Famous Comics would like to be your home on the web for hardcore celebrity fucking. Instead of shooting the actual celebs having sex they merely draw them and the surprising thing is how accurate the artwork is. Itís truly amazing how close these representations are. Visit the tour and youíll see pictures of Charlize Theron, Keira Knigtley, Jessica Biel, Adriana Lima and more in compromising positions. Many are getting fucked and you can get they look stunning. After youíve done that read the rest of the review for a full opinion on the goodies inside.

Members Area Details

There are 184 sets at Famous Comics and each has 5-20 images. The design is underwhelming but easy to use so there are no complaints. Click the pictures link at the top of the page and youíll be taken to an alphabetical list of galleries. Most sites organize their content by date but here they want to make it easy for you to find the celeb youíre looking for. Thatís why Angelina Jolie is on the first page and Vida Guerra is on the last page. In between youíll find a list of some of the finest looking celebrities in the world getting naked.

Members area of Famous Comics #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Famous Comics #2
members area screenshot #2

They employ several different artists at Famous Comics and the result is a variety of art styles. Some aim for an ultra-realistic look like you see on the tour. Those are the most satisfying if youíre looking for pure celebrity porn. The most realistic of them all are usually drawn against a white background and feature both solo posing and hardcore fucking. They never tell a story though; instead itís just hot pictures of your favorite celebrities screwing (not that thereís anything wrong with that). In the sets that are drawn on a more comic style youíll see a little plot development that might make the scene more enjoyable for you.

My absolute favorite set at the site is the one featuring five hot images of Jessica Biel. She looks utterly amazing as she gets fucked and plays with her pussy and if it werenít for the softness of the images youíd think that you were actually watching her get fucked. Other notable celebs include Charlize Theron, Jessica Simpson, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan and Shakira. Youíll also see drawings from popular movies like Star Wars, Spider-Man and Sin City. If you drop into the message board you can talk about the sets you like and sets youíd like to see. Thereís also a decent search function that will help you find the celebrities youíre looking for.


You could argue that Famous Comics is the best celebrity sex site on the planet because they have content you canít find anywhere else. Can you see Angelina Jolie sucking dick or Jessica Alba getting fucked doggy style? Normally that stuff is relegated to the bedroom of those particular celebs but at Famous Comics itís all out in the open. For that reason itís a cool site that I recommend checking out for all of you deeply into celebrity sex. The only drawback is the $34.95 monthly fee.

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