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Hentai Video World

A huge collection of hot hentai movies.
Niche: Hentai; Signup price: $9.95

Hentai Video World
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Site quality5.0
Update frequency5.0
Site usability5.0
Content amount5.0
User rating *3.0
Overall rating5.0
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Did you know that in Japan pornography is censored? Theyíre not allowed to show cocks so while you can see penetration thereís a blurry box over the dick entering the pussy, thereby ruining most of the excitement. Itís the same during a blowjob since technically the guy is penetrating the chickís mouth. I believe that these rules have in part led to the popularity of hentai. There are no rules against penetration in cartoons so people simply drifted to cartoon porn and now a huge industry has sprouted around it.

Hentai Video World looks to be one of the biggest hentai download sites on the web and a leader in the industry. On the first page of the tour they say that they have more than 100 gigabytes of fully downloadable uncensored movies in the memberís area. Is it really possible? Judging by the tour, where they allow you to see preview pictures from their videos it certainly seems that way. There are tons of videos and tons of hot chicks. Thereís a lot of slutty hardcore fucking and damn the girls are so beautiful.

Members Area Details

Hentai Video World is without question one of the largest hentai movie collections on the web and itís growing at a rapid pace. They have an update calendar on the main page with the last five movies to be added and the next five coming down the pipeline. On the day of my review they added 5 movies and the next day has 4 scheduled. How on earth do they get so much content? Who knows; all I care about is that they have tons of fantastic hardcore porn and that I get to download it all. The movies can only be browsed via an A-Z list, which is a bit of a letdown. Breaking them down by genre would have been nice given how large the collection is.

Members area of Hentai Video World #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Hentai Video World #2
members area screenshot #2

They list a genre for each movie but youíll have to actually browse to the title to see it. For each movie they have a picture of the box cover as well as six pictures from each scene. Most movies only have one scene but there are a few, like the Angel Blade series that come with multiple scenes. You download the scenes separately and most run 25-35 minutes. The files are generally pretty large because they try to encode the movies at 640x480 whenever possible. Donít be annoyed by the long download times; itís worth it for the exceptional quality.

Iíve done quite a bit of browsing through the videos and Iíve discovered that they actually have every category under the sun covered. They even do the odder stuff like tentacle porn and hard bondage. For me the best is the lesbian sex. Quite often they have schoolgirls and sailors and French maids making sweet love to each other and the girls arenít shy about using strap-on cocks. The thing I love most about hentai is how leaky everyone is. The pussies and dicks are always dripping juice and for some reason that really turns me on. I wonder if itís the same for you. If youíre looking for a truly hot video check out Anime Fiction Volume 2; they have a hot threesome where one chick gets fisted.


Obviously Iím a fan of Hentai Video World. This is one of the best sites in the genre as far as Iím concerned and they continue to grow it, adding 3-5 new movies a day. I donít know where they find so much great content but it seems to be growing on trees. They could use a category search to make finding the content you want easier but since most movies are 25-35 minutes long once you find a video you can settle in for a nice long session. At $30/month the site is a bargain considering how much content they have (they easily hit the 100gb mark).

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