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Slutty Nuns

These women are married to Jesus but they need to fuck.
Niche: Cartoon; Signup price: $7.95

Slutty Nuns
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Site quality4.0
Update frequency3.5
Site usability3.0
Content amount4.0
User rating *4.0
Overall rating4.0
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Anyone that grew up Catholic knows that nuns are as non-sexual as any woman can be. They wear those very roomy habits and gowns so you canít see what kind of body is lurking under there. Theyíre married to Jesus so they canít make love to other men. Because of their unavailability men canít help but have fantasies about fucking a nun. Itís a simple case of guys wanting what theyíve been told they canít have and it should come as no surprise to anyone.

You see the occasional nun-themed scene on a porn site but Iíve never come across an entire memberís area dedicated to nuns fucking. Thatís probably because the reaction to it would be a little too much to handle for actual performers. Slutty Nuns doesnít have to worry about that because they animate all their porn and no performers are involved. They can make these women as chaste and Godly as they want and still fuck them hard. You nun fantasies are about to come true.

Members Area Details

I like the design of the memberís area. The graphical work theyíve done is impressive, especially working the siteís navigation into a representation of the bible. If you didnít feel naughty when you joined you certainly will when you start browsing the content. At the moment the content is divided into two categories: photos and cartoons. The photos are actual photos. There are seven sets and they feature young models posing as nuns and behaving very badly. Thereís pussy fingering, bizarre penetrations (candles) and even a little hardcore sex. The girls arenít entirely believable as nuns but you didnít sign up for the live pictures so itís more of a nice little bonus than anything.

Members area of Slutty Nuns #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Slutty Nuns #2
members area screenshot #2

There are 62 comics at Slutty Nuns and they show some seriously naughty behavior on the part of these supposedly chaste sluts. If youíre a first time visitor and you donít really know where to start you can check out the top rated list on the main page. The sets have been voted on by the members and the sets that come up are supposedly the best. I donít know if thatís actually the case but they seem pretty hot so I think you can trust the opinions. The most popular features a nun on a train giving in to her desires and fucking the man that was assigned to the same sleeping carriage.

There are a number of varied art styles used at Slutty Nuns. If youíre familiar with comic books I think youíll see some similarities, although they donít go for a very realistic look. Thatís part of the appeal in that you can really let yourself dream about the nasty sluts when you donít have to take it too seriously. In addition to the typical guy-girl hardcore sets youíll also find lesbian sex, threesomes, foursomes and gangbangs. Sometimes the monks are sick of not fucking and they simply need to get off. When a slutty nun comes along they canít help but pound her pussy hard.


Slutty Nuns is one of the only nun-themed porn sites Iíve ever seen but itís very well executed. The comics are skillfully drawn, the nuns are hot and the sex is steamy. There are twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and gangbangs in addition to hot nun on nun lesbian sex. Thereís even nun anal sex and you know those sluts are begging for it hard. The site was recently launched and they already have 62 comics (as of April 20, 2008) so you should have more than enough to warrant at least a monthís membership.

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